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Astrological Scorpio + Bio-chemical Cell Salt Calcium Sulph = Health

Astrology and Biochemistry
Scorpio - Calcium Sulph

Scorpio, October 23 - November 22 is the eighth sign affiliated with the organs of procreation. The wrong use of the Scorpio energy or sexual excesses, or self abuse can result in paralysis.

Halloween was originally based on some special fact having to do with procreation. Is is a Scorpio Holiday.

Degeneration, generation and regeneration are the three stages of the triune being that is Scorpio. These are animal, human and spiritual man. It is regretful that the a majority of humans are still in the first stage.

Degeneration means that one cohabits solely for the sake of pleasurable sensation.

Generation means to generate, to become parents, to have sex solely for children.

Regeneration means that there is no longer any thought of sex.

Scorpio is next to Libra, the balance sign. If you pass beyond the balance point, the Scorpio will get you.

In the ancient alchemical writings, they talked about transmuting lead into gold. They meant an interior transformational process. Scorpio's who control their powerful sexual nature can transform into the White Eagle.

Calcium Sulph will help Scorpios make this transformation. Bio-chemistry helps solve the problems for all creation is accomplished because certain elements are able to do a particular work.

There is no Karma attached to Generation. It is for the preservation and the continuity of man kind. It is the only way where by evolution may work out. Generation is the first step towards perfection.

Remember, we are here on this planet to perfect ourselves.

Those who do not make right use of the procreative material and are cheating themselves of their most precious possession.

Calcium Sulph protects all vascular surfaces from contact with fluids. The stomach is lined with Calcium Sulph and is not digested by it's own acids.

When this salt becomes deficient the coating of the stomach becomes thin, and it's acids will cause damage.

The eye balls, the nasal passages, mouth, throat, passage way into the stomach, the bladder; all parts containing moisture use Calcium Sulph for protection.

Lack of Calcium Sulph causes burning sensations, even burning feet.

Take Calcium Sulph generously. A very deficient lack of Calcium Sulph may lead to Venereal Diseases: barrenness in women; and anemia. Disintegration of both creative and procreative cells result from an insufficient supply of this salt.

Scorpio is intimately related to Death and burial. We kill ourselves and bury our higher self.

Other symptoms caused by a deficiency of this salt are:
Pus; abscess of the cornea; ulcers of the eye; ulceration at the roots of the teeth; swollen gums; inflammation of the bladder; abscess of the prostrate; inflammation of the breasts; burning of the feet; and wounds that do not heal.

Scorpio's take your Calcium Sulph and you will see a gradual change within your physical body. It will get rid of dead and dying cells. It will become beautiful as the precious oil of life is not spilled.
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