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Scorpio Astrological Solar Chart For Children


The solar chart for Scorpio children is invaluable for parents. They can see the energies that the child is attracted to according to the energies of the Astrological Matrix in the heavens. They can then help plan their life according to their strengths and help them with their weaknesses.

A solar chart is a wheel chart just like a natal chart only the 12 houses are divided equally around the wheel.

Going around the wheel CCW from left to right we have the first house on the left hand horizon and all the others follow in the same sequence.

A Scorpio Astrological Solar Chart has Scorpio in the first house.

This Scorpio Astrological Solar Chart is a divine blueprint that resides in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and its energy structure is the energy structure for all living Scorpio children.

If you as a parent pay attention to these energy structures than your little one should have a fairly smooth life and fulfill their destiny (why they were born to you and what they came to do).

If you ignore these energy patterns and try to treat your child like an Aquarius or a Leo, then they may meet with difficulties and not fulfill their destinies.


FIRST HOUSE SCORPIO. Their house of Personality. Ruled by the planet Mars. This will give them the energy of integrity, will, and the ability to know other's secrets.

SECOND HOUSE SCORPIO Their house of Money. Ruled by Jupiter. This gives them the energy for easily attracting money. Money will never be their problem.

THIRD HOUSE SCORPIO House of Communications. Ruled by Saturn. This gives them the energy of structured speech and writing. No frivolous talk.

FOURTH HOUSE SCORPIO The house of Home. Ruled by the Uranus. This gives them the energy of individualising their living space. Let them fix their room as they wish and peace will prevail.

FIFTH HOUSE SCORPIO The house of Creativity. Ruled by the Neptune. This gives them the energy of a dreamy, mystical creative nature. Poetry and music are important to them.

SIXTH HOUSE SCORPIO House of their Health. Ruled by Mars. This gives them the energies of a good strong healthy body.

SEVENTH HOUSE SCORPIO House of Relationships. Ruled by Venus. This gives them the energies of seeking out beauty in their relationships and partners.

EIGHT HOUSE SCORPIO Ruled by Mercury. The eight house is always difficult to write about. It covers a variety of energies. Death, sex, other peoples money and transformation. This house gives them the energies to talk about and mentally understand these issues.

NINTH HOUSE SCORPIO House of Spiritual Growth. Ruled by Moon. This gives them the energies for deep emotional understanding of religion and spiritual subjects.

TENTH HOUSE SCORPIO House of Career. Ruled by Sun. This gives them the energy for leadership. They will go to the top of any career they choose.

ELEVENTH HOUSE SCORPIO House of Friendships. Ruled by Mercury. This gives them the energies for seeking out intellectual friends.

TWELFTH HOUSE SCORPIO House of Inspiration. Ruled by Venus. This gives them the energy to be inspired by beauty and beautiful objects and surroundings.


Scorpio is a water sign.

Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion / eagle

Friday (Freya's day) is their lucky day of the week.

GEMS:Bloodstone, malachite, topaz

METAL:iron, rodium, steel

SCENTS:cheery blossom, coconut, sandalwood

COLORS: Red violet

The need to avoid: Jealousy, vindictiveness, fanaticism

Their compatible signs are:Cancer, Pisces

Incompatible signs are: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius

They need: stability as they are a fixed sign.

The quality they need most for balance: A wider view of things.

Their strongest virtues are: Loyalty, Concentration, Determinism, Courage and Depth.

Their deepest need is for Action, to penetrate and transform.

If your child is an Scorpio, then help them to be one, act like one. Don't stifle any of their energies because society does not like it. Our world needs more strong Scorpios.

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