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Aquarian Solar Chart Astrology
Major Transits for All Signs

Now that we have moved out of the Age of Pisces in to the Age of Aquarius, we have to look at, think and talk about Solar Charts in a new way.

A Solar Chart is an Astrological Chart where the Sun Sign of the client or students is put in the First House.

A Solar Chart for a Leo would have Leo in the First House and the other signs following around the Astrological Wheel.

The importance of understanding and explaining Transits and energies of a Solar Chart is that it affects many people. A Natal Chart is the the energy for one person.

A Leo Solar Chart tells us the energies of all Leos. It is always important, because of the Laws of Resonant Frequencies, to understand what groups you are connected to.

Let us look and see where the slower moving planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto stand in relation to the Planet Earth today.

Jupiter is in Capricorn. Saturn is in Virgo. Uranus is in Pisces. Neptune is in Aquarius. Pluto is in Capricorn. The Aspects that they form with each other are:

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto
Jupiter Sextile Uranus
Saturn Opposition Uranus
Uranus Sextile Pluto

The Sun Rilght now is in Pisces for 30 days. Then it will move on to Aries for 30 days. This movement of the Sun must also be placed on the Solar Chart and Aspects recorded.

Sun in Pisces causes:
Sun Conjunct Uranus
Sun Sextile Jupiter
Sun Sextile Pluto
Sun Opposition Saturn

So each month the Sun combined with the slower moving planets will change the Transits and the energies affecting the student and the client. To give a truly accurate Solar Chart reading or class, the Astrologer should give information for the twelve positions of the Sun and the Aspects formed.

Let us take a general overview of these Transit energies.

The need to break away from routine. Rebellious energy. The need for freedom.

These are very luck times. Time to reflect on life's goals. This is a good time to work with authorities.

There will be opportunities for change. Time to clear up old problems. Do some DEEP THINKING.

Strong desire to be successful. Strong drive to aquire power. Desire to start to create something GREAT in your life.

Time to make positive changes in your life. These will be exciting mental times for you. There will be sudden financial gains.

There will be far reaching changes for your life. You will want to change your life OBJECTIVES. It is time to seriously study Astrology and Occult Studies.

SATURN OPPOSITION URANUS: Time to make your life unique. Any dull energies in your job, marriage, relationships will need to be re-adjusted.

That was the reading for the transits with Sun in Pisces. Each month you will have to advance the Sun one House to get new readings.

In the next article I will discuss how these energies act in the different House. Sun Conjunct Uranus in the First House has a different energy than the Sun Conjunct Uranus in any other House.
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