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Taurus Saturn 2008 Predictions

Taurus + Solar Chart + Saturn
Taurus Saturn Forecast 2008

Saturn is one of the more powerful planets, that affect life on Earth. It is the ruler of time and structure. Some of the older astrologers called Saturn the "Grim Reaper," because when he passes through one of your houses he swings his mighty Scythe and cuts loose useless things in your life. But if you understand the power and function of Saturn, you will not be so down on him.

Saturn spends about 2 1/2 years in each house; and takes about 28 - 30 years to make a full circuit of your twelve houses.

The first time Saturn starts his 28 -30 year journey around your chart, there is very little devastation. He understands that you are a young soul and allows you a lot of leeway. There are very little or no Saturnine penalties the first time around.

But on his return trip around, he is brutal and powerful. It is called your second Saturn cycle. Now, he will enter each of your twelve houses for the second time. He will stay for 2 1/2 years in each house this second time around.

The whole purpose of your life on this school planet, called Earth, is to evolve and grow conscious.

Saturn will look into each of your houses and pull out whatever you have built within your house that is detrimental to your evolution and spiritual growth. If he starts his second trip in the first house, he will force you to change everything in your personality that is detrimental to your evolution and spiritual growth.

If he starts in your second house your house of money, he will upset the way you make your money.

The rest of the houses are as follows:
Third house of Communication
Fourth house of Home and Family
Fifth house of Creativity
Sixth house of Health
Seventh house of Relationships
Eighth house of Sex
Ninth house of Higher Mind
Tenth house of Career
Eleventh house of Friendship
Twelfth house of the Past

All these changes will start at ages 28 - 30 years old. If your are wise, you will prepare yourself for Saturn's return. And whatever house he enters you will gladly hold it out to him to allow him to take from you what you do not need any more. Gently. Instead of ripping it out!

If you look upon Saturn, as the re-structurer, rather than the grim reaper, you will have a better understanding of him. It will also be less painful. Learn to restructure each of your houses during his visit. Work with him, not against him. Saturn knows more about what you need for your spiritual growth than you do.

In the third Saturn Return cycle, Saturn will start his third time through each of your houses at ages 56 - 58. Now if you have not prepared for his coming, you are in serious trouble.

His energy at this time is very powerful and he is in his no-nonsense mode. You would be amazed at how many people are forced to leave this planet between the ages of 55 and 60. They could not handle the destructive energies of Saturn.

But this need not happen to you. There are several key ages when you will be given hints as to what you need to change to continue your spiritual climb.

At age 35, (28 + 7 years) there will not be too many signs.

At age 42 there will be some signs in your health, wealth and relationships.

Look for them and start to make changes. Age 49 is a very important age. You will need to start a restructuring program. For when 56 - 58 arrives with Saturn, he will look to see what work you have done. If you have done a fairly good job, then he will glide easily through those 2 1/2 years and reward you.

The reward will be 28 more years added to your life. He will be back at 84 - 86. But by then you will hopefully understand how he operates and you will be working with him not against him.

How long do you want to live? 112? 140? If you work with Saturn, he will bring you long life.

Now let's look at Taurus solar chart and see what Saturn has in store for you.

For the whole year of 2008 Saturn will be transiting Virgo.

When we look at the Taurus solar chart with Taurus on the first house we find:
Virgo is in the fifth house. Your 5Th house is your house of creativity, love and fun.

Saturn will pull out of your fifth house all that is detrimental to your spiritual growth.

Any areas of your daily life that deal with your creative activities, that are inharmonious to your growth, will be pointed out to you during these 2 1/2 years. You will be given a chance to restructure your creative activities. Love relationships that are detrimental to your spiritual growth will be curtailed. Your methods of having fun will be scrutenized. Things that you found fun before may not seem fun now.

So at ages 56 - 58, your third Saturn Return cycle, you had better prepare yourself. But here you are given 7 years, 49 - 56 to do the preparation. There is lots of time before hand, for you to make the changes yourself.

The grand Architect of the Universe, has designed us in his image, He has also given us a timetable. A timetable that will help us to grow spiritually and evolve consciously. We can follow this timetable and ease through life or we can ignore it and be pulled through life kicking and screaming. Keep your eye on Saturn, he has his eye on you.

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